Tiếng Việt
Tan Vien Dong trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. Main business is FRP material trading and manufacturing FRP and Aluminium alloy boats and other Composite products. 

After many years in research and application new technology used for boat buiding, Until now, Tan Vien Dong is stable and developing in market (local and foreign).

From 2011, Tan Vien Dong starting develop in aluminium alloy material in boat manufacturing.
With advantage of every material, Tan Vien Dong can build the boat with FRP and Aluminium. Tan Vien Dong is becoming a leading company in boat manufacturing for local and foreign market

Tan Vien Dong Co. is also the authorized sole distributor for well-known marine engine brands Mercury (US) and Hyundai SeasAll (Korea). Our goals are to intensify "Research & Development" to best fit customers’ requirements, ensure international standard for all our products and to focus on after-sales services to better serves our customers.